I keep hearing 2018 is your year to this or your year to that but instead of looking at this year to be some sort of osmotic grand turn around, how about setting some life goals, short as well as long and take daily steps to achieve them.

One of these goals should be to make better decisions. I know many of you are saying that does not apply to me, I make great decisions. However, even if you would not say you make bad or awful decisions. The point is to make the best possible decisions, not just with major life choices but also in the things that seem small. Every day we are living with a decision we made yesterday and each decision has a consequence which yields results that we walk through. Those results can be beneficial at times and detrimental at others. So when it comes to decision making, take the time in everyday life to weigh the outcome before moving in any direction. Decide if that outcome will be worth it. What type of fruit will it yield in your life? Keeping in mind in most cases, our decisions have a ripple effect. Who do your decisions affect?

No matter the age, there are some things we live through that had we made an alternate decision we would not have had to experience the outcome. Sometimes we as humans are impulsive, and it’s ok to do some things by the seat of our pants but the majority of life’s decisions should be made with some degree of caution.  Assess where you are today, look at the decisions that have gotten you there and determine to what degree and in what areas your decision making process can use some tweaking.

Camille MooreComment