Wake up!

 There was a time when community was everything. People living in the same neighborhoods knew one another and loved one another by choice. We shared in one another’s victories, defeats, hopes and dreams. There was a genuine sense of communal integrity as we grew together. This was not that long ago, yet too long ago.

Have we bought into the American Dream at the cost of these interwoven relationships which were the heartbeat of our culture? Our community? How can a little girl go missing and no one see anything? How can the family down the street be without food and the rest of the neighborhood go unphased? How can your neighbor be trafficking women and holding them against their will for years and no one have any indication?

We have forgotten who we are as we rush off to make the mighty dollar and live the lives we always knew and dreamed we could have. We must remember all those who have gone before us and ask ourselves are we continuing a legacy that would make them proud.

Do not allow your busy day, fear or fatigue to prevent you from being who we are designed to be.

Camille MooreComment