We Need People

In this world we live in, there is a constant shift towards making personal, face to face connections irrelevant. We are all guilty of it. This morning I was responding to a Facebook inbox message from a friend I received yesterday. My friend had ordered a new phone because hers had broken. She was so happy to be back in touch with the real world. She said to me “Man I miss the good old days where customer service and sales went hand and hand.” I was puzzled, my response was “You can do it through your phone or on line. You don’t need people.” Immediately after I typed that profound statement, I repeated it to myself and realized how much we do in fact, need people.

Do not misunderstand me, technology is an awesome ever evolving creation that simplifies life and keeps us connected in many ways. However, if we are not careful, we will soon have no need to leave our homes. Working from home, ordering groceries for pick up or delivery, video chatting, texting, church services on line, etc etc.

We must be intentional when it comes to our social world before we wake up one day in an isolated reality.

Camille MooreComment