Making Memories

We have all been guilty of working too many hours or focusing too much on making money, but hopefully this happens during certain seasons of life. This motto should not be our lifestyle or all we live for. The best thing about life is the people we have quality relationships with and the memories we make with them.

There are times we work a little more to achieve specific goals. Maybe in saving money for a home purchase, a vacation or a big ticket item. This should be done in moderation, especially if it comes at the cost of family. Those of us who have children may know this best. We can never get that precious time back. Once it is gone, it is gone. We all want to give our children the best life has to offer but believe me when I say they want time with us more than material things. When they look back over their childhood it should be filled with memories of feeling connected and loved.

This applies to our relationships with friends, spouses and parents. Life is but a blink and its' over. Work life balance is a must. Do not spend so much time and energy attempting to accumulate things. Yes, we must work to live and be responsible but we must appreciate the people we are blessed to have in our lives. When it is all said and done, big homes and expensive cars wont mean much if they are not filled with laughter and great memories you shared with the ones you love.

Purpose in your schedule time to make memories.

Camille Moorememories, values