Small Steps to Change

Many times we hear people say, “I need to change” or “you need to change” , so I decided to share some small steps that may help lead us in our efforts toward change.

First, recognize exactly what behavior or pattern needs changing.

Second, examine your motive for change. Are you changing because someone else thinks you should or are you wanting to make a change to enrich who you already are? Change is more likely to endure when you’re not changing to appease others.

Third, make a realistic decision to change by setting attainable goals. Setting lofty goals that are hard to reach may set us up to fail, which can lead to discouragement and giving up.

Fourth, tell one person who is trustworthy (especially if your change is of a personal and confidential nature) and willing to hold you accountable to your commitments.

Fifth, take small steps toward change daily. If you happen to stumble, forgive yourself and keep stepping toward the change you want to see.

Sixth, repeat step five daily.

Change is scary but do it afraid. If you fail, fail forward. Learn from yesterday.

Camille MooreComment