Hello :)


I have always enjoyed writing and wonder why I am not a poet, considering the many poems I had written as a child. Poetry was a way I had chosen to express myself during happy times as well as dark times.

I faced things in my childhood which were heartbreaking and liberating. The death of my maternal grandfather whom I loved dearly. Shortly after I was uprooted from all I knew and loved in Ohio and planted to this foreign place, the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland to be exact. This seemed to be the ends of the earth and definitely the end of life as my twelve year old self had come to know.

These two great tragedies, as I like to call them brought forth even more poetry. Think I’m kidding? Look below, I still have a few old ones.




You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t bringing the fire. Ha! But clearly I wasn’t. lol

However, my passion to write never left but life happened, I learned and grew and became a rowdy teen and had some of the best years of my life in the place I initially hated, but the two worlds formed me into this woman I would be come.

Believer, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Encourager, Friend, Corporate Manager, Hairstylist, Business Owner.  You name it, I have never been afraid to try it. This however can be good and bad, but I live with NO REGRETS! Currently residing in North Carolina pursuing my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy helps explain why my characters are always in need of resolutions to their problems. Chasing dreams is the driving force behind my writing, I love to create and to dream. Writing is liberating, freeing and what I enjoy most on my down time. When I look back over my life i want to be able to say I chased all my dreams even the ones I may not succeed in. I have learned to fail forward because I would rather fail than to regret not ever trying.

I have chosen to live my life own my own terms, well with God’s permission. Lol

Unapologetically me!