The Art of Stepping Back

   Today we are more busy than generations before us would have ever imagined one person could be. The question becomes what exactly are we busy doing? Are we accomplishing anything, or are we just busy?

          Many of us are attempting to load too many events into an already packed schedule. This can become detrimental in more ways than one. Our bodies are designed to function on a certain amount of sleep, a certain type of diet, a certain social atmosphere, along with many other aspects of proper functioning, but you get my point. Sometimes we are literally killing ourselves due to exhaustion, stress and spreading ourselves too thin.

          This is when it is vital to learn the art of stepping back. We can only push are bodies so far and so hard before they give out on us. If you are on the brink of insanity due to everything you have taken on, it is the perfect time to reassess. Are the things you are participating in adding value to your quality of life? Are the people in your circle adding value to your life and you likewise theirs? Are you making time to take care of yourself for the people who may really need you?

          When we are being pulled in many different directions and feel obligated to so many people and things, it can wear us down physically, emotionally and spiritually. If your calendar is filled and you constantly feel depleted, then it’s time to practice some self-care. It’s not about being selfish…it’s about self-preservation.

Re-prioritize and remove hindering activities.

Camille Moore