Know Your Audience

We should always want to encourage and uplift the people we come in contact with. Part of this encouragement stems from knowing who you are speaking with. If a person does not understand the words you are using or the message you are attempting to convey then it is of no use to them. I am definitely not saying having and expansive vocabulary is a bad thing. Knowledge is wonderful, it is truly powerful. However, if you know and fully understand big words, surely you can find words equally as powerful in meaning so that the person you are addressing not only understands the wisdom you are imparting, but walks away feeling encouraged and enlightened. We should never want someone to leave our presence feeling low in spirit as if they do not measure up. Let us make sure we are using our knowledge as fuel to ignite the fire inside someone and not to make ourselves look better or more intelligent than others.

Since Knowledge is power, use it wisely.

Camille MooreComment