Sitting in Nothingness

In the everyday hustle and bustle that is our life, it is a must to take a moment to sit in nothingness. No I take that back, you need to take at least 15 minutes daily. If you can watch television, do things for others or land on social media for 15 minutes. Certainly, you can take 15 minutes for self. Clear your mind and allow it to rest. We are inundated with the noise of life coming at our senses 24/7. Most of us cannot or will not be still in silence and reflect on self. The truth is many people cannot stand to be with self for an entire 15 minutes. However, we must learn to stop and restore. In this time we may reflect, we may relax, we may gain perspective or maybe see something we want to create or change. The important thing is that you allow yourself this time to see where it takes you. It may initially be hard to just sit in nothingness and push out the busy thoughts which will try to intrude but you owe it to yourself to become the best version of self you can be.