This Life

I woke up today thankful, but in my thankfulness I began to analyze aspects of my life. This is not something I normally do because I wake up each day and make the conscious choice to live. Today however, I began to think about where time had gone and how I had actually spent it. I had memories of the choices I’d made, the victories I’d won, my accomplishments, my failures, missed opportunities and so on. There were moments I wished to relive because they were so awesome and of course moments I desperately wished for a do-over. Unfortunately there are no do-overs in this matter we step into called life. I stared out the window holding my coffee and I wondered if I’d raised my children to the best of my ability, if I hugged them enough or maybe too much, if there is a such thing. I thought about my wacky family and how each person had their place good or bad. I thought of the people in my life I’d loved and how God has chosen to bring some of them home to live with him instead of allowing my selfish wants for them to stay to be fulfilled. I thought about how I’d pushed myself through life and began to wonder exactly where it is exactly I am as well as where I’m attempting to go. Then I sat back and remembered again how thankful I am.

Appreciate your good days - Apologize for your wrongs - Be humble - Love people - Make a difference - Live your best life today -  Remember you only get one life, live it!