What's Holding You Back?

I was sitting here this morning contemplating life decisions and next steps and it reminded me of an Iguana I saw up under my chair while visiting a resort in Puerto Rico. Now of course an Iguana is not a common site here in the US so when I realized there was something under my chair based on the people around looking and pointing. I immediately jumped up. I was beyond startled. I was scared. Not that it had done anything to make me feel as if I were in danger, but no matter how calm everyone else was I was not.

Anyway, let me stay on task, I thought about that Iguana this morning during my contemplation because at the resort, the Iguana was out of place. This was a people resort. The pool area was clearly catered to people with the chairs, the bar, the music, towels and arguably the pool. All the things to attract people not Iguanas. Besides we the people, had paid our money to be there, we had the right. This Iguana came on in for free and was reaping our benefits.

The iguana wasn’t bothered by the fact that he was more than likely not wanted there. I would imagine he might dare someone to move him. I do not know what his journey was to get there, but the bottom line is he was there. Now not only was he chillin’ under the shade of my butt in the chair, when I got up, he walked over, slid into the pool and swam over to this little manmade structure in the middle of the pool, containing grass and trees, crawled out of the pool and commenced to continue on with his day.

What are you talking about Camille? What does this have to do with anything?

I said all that to say, don’t let the environment or the people who may not think you belong in a certain place prevent you from pursuing your passion, chasing your dreams and getting where you desire to be. The Iguana’s dream was to go to the people resort and swim at the pool. What’s yours?